Heating and plumbing companies help get homes winter ready

Mother Nature is back on blast with another cold snap, which has local plumbing and heating companies very busy.

Right now Blessing Company in Grand Blanc is swamped with calls from people with no heat.

But the owner says your furnace isn't the only thing you need to worry about.

If you have things like outdoor water faucets, drain them, otherwise it could lead to frozen pipes this winter, and big problems come spring.

And that's not their only tip to get your house winter ready.

When it comes to winter in Michigan conditions can change fast. Lou Blessing owns a heating and plumbing company.

He says that's just one reason to get your house ready early.

“Disconnect your garden hoses take them off if you have a crawl space close the vents in the crawl space if you have a heating system have it inspected and checked by a professional,” he said.

Taking action now can save you a big headache, and money down the road.

“Frozen pipes, broken pipes, if you don't winterize the crawl space if you don't take the hose off it will probably in the spring be frozen,” he said.

And it's not just concerns over frozen pipes. Lou says they also commonly see dirty furnace filters.

“People for some reason don't change their furnace filters and they get clogged and the air doesn't flow through the furnace so that leads to other problems with the furnace,” he said.

When it comes to furnaces, Lou says newer ones actually need more maintenance.

He encourages home owners to get them inspected every year.

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