Huron County Family To Star In TLC Reality Show

The Putman family of Pigeon, Michigan poses for a picture for their TLC reality show, "Meet the Putmans."

The Putmans are one of the most extraordinary families Mid-Michigan has to offer. They’re so unique, they caught the interest of TLC producers and now they're staring in their own reality TV show.

It all started when they auditioned as a family three years ago for the television show, “Wipeout.” That audition ultimately lead to the creation of, “Meet the Putmans” a TV show about the family of 25 including 10 adults and 15 kids from three generations all living in the same house in Pigeon, Michigan.

On the day NBC25/FOX66 visited the Putman’s home, 20 of the family members sat down for an interview

“We're just totally in love with each other,” Bill Putman said.

He explained that two of his sons are doctors and his other son and daughter are part of the family business. He said that they were so busy working, being married and having kids that they really didn’t have time to buy their own homes, and ultimately suggested that everyone live together.

“What you get to see is how you can do it, if you decide you want to do it with your family someday, and you get to see probably one of the funniest shows on TV that’s real. This is not scripted, we’re doing this like in real time, real life,” Putman said.

While having 25 people in a 5,000 square foot home with just 2 bathrooms can be chaotic, one of the sons explained that it’s something the family has grown to love.

“It's like loving chaos. It's like Christmas every morning, and Thanksgiving every evening,” he said.

The family said there is never a dull moment and to understand, you have to see the show. Part of this year’s season will feature the family’s move from Pigeon to the home they’re building in Caro that will be much larger at 34,500 square feet.

“Meet the Putmans” debuts, Monday, January 16th on TLC.

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