Jeff Daniels opening play on Flint's water crisis in January

File photo WEYI/WSMH

CHELSEA, Mich. (AP) - Actor, musician and playwright Jeff Daniels plans to premiere his new play focused on Flint's water crisis early next year. reports the play titled "Flint" is scheduled to run Jan. 18-March 10 at Purple Rose Theatre Co. in Chelsea.

Daniels says that the play seeks to examine the crisis and it's "certainly written to remind people that it happened and it isn't fixed yet."

Flint's water system became poisoned when the city used Flint River water for 18 months. The water wasn't treated to reduce corrosion. As a result, lead leached from old pipes.

The play is set in 2014, the year the water source was switched from Lake Huron.

Daniels has premiered more than a dozen plays over the years at Purple Rose, which he founded in 1991.

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