Judge says no to quick sentencing for Clio rock throwers

Joel Feick NBC25/FOX66

FLINT, Mich. - A new delay in the hearing of 5 teens accused in a rock throwing case.

4 of the teens and their lawyer, were hoping for a quick resolution to their cases, perhaps as early as Wednesday.

But the judge would have none of that.

After 4 of the teens plead guilty to manslaughter for their involvement in a rock throwing incident off I-75, they were hoping things would be resolved today.

But the judge rejected a juvenile sentencing and delayed it for 21 days.

Earlier, charges against 4 of the 5 teens were reduced from 2nd degree murder to manslaughter.

They are 16 year olds' Mark Sekelskya and Mikadyn Payne.

Along with 15 year olds' Alexander Martin and Trevor gray.

A 2nd degree murder charge against Kyle Anger remains.

He was the only one of the defendants in court today.

They're accused of throwing a piece of concrete off the Dodge Road overpass last October, killing Kenneth White.

The judge says he won't impose a sentence without a full hearing.

Judge Joe Farah says "there will be no juvenile sentencing without a juvenile sentencing hearing in open court with live witnesses and input from all involved",

Attorneys for 2 of the defendants, brothers Frank and Michael Manley, feel their cases won't be hampered by the delay.

Frank Manley says "As the court mentioned, he has no foreclosed anything he just wants to hear more facts so there's no setback".

Michael Manley adds, "We have a sentence agreement, we have a sentence recommendation. If the judge cannot follow that, which is his right, after hearing the evidence, we would like the opportunity to withdraw the plea and make other decisions".

Its still not clear if the 4 will be charged as adults or juveniles.

The earlier plea agreement before Judge William Crawford in district court, included a sentencing deal.

But Judge Farah made it clear today there would be no backroom deal in this case.

He wants it in open court before a full hearing.

So they'll wait 3 weeks.

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