Judge stops attempt to recall Genesee County Commissioner Pegge Adams

Genesee County Commissioner Pegge Adams no longer faces recall after a judge reversed the Board of Election's approval of recall language filed against her.

Genesee County Commissioner and chairperson of the Animal Control Subcommittee, Pegge Adams, is no longer facing recall â?? for now.

Circuit Judge Joseph Farah reversed a decision by the county Board of Elections, which had approved in October recall language filed against Adams.

The recall stated that Adams failed to properly investigate and report to the public about violations of state law by the county animal control shelter.

The election commission maintained the recall language filed against Adams was clearly stated.

But Judge Farah said the language was not factual, one of the new requirements under changes to the stateâ??s recall law.

â??There was no law regulation broken, it didn't happen,â?? Adams said, of the July incident the recall referred to, in which a shelter worker reportedly told a man with two dogs that he could only leave them at the shelter if he requested they be euthanized and not adopted.

â??There was an incident and I did investigate the incident, and there was no indication that there was any law broken. And really, I looked at it to see if there was anything improper,â?? Adams added.

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