JV Fenton football team rescues 11-year-old threatened by stranger

Players describe their actions as "instinct."

Passing, catching and blocking are typically the skills taught on the Fenton football field but Tuesday the JV team was put to another test. Any way you look at it they came out with the "W."

Football is synonymous with team.

A sentiment the Fenton JV football team knows on and off the gridiron.

"Stick together as a team and work together and this is a perfect example of it," said Mike Bakker, Fenton athletic director and high school assistant principal.

Tuesday afternoon dozens of Tigers players came to the rescue of an 11-year-old boy just outside Ivan Williams Field.

"We were just hanging out like usual before football practice and we see this little kid comes up crying freaking out about this guy," said 10th grade football player, Peyton Coffman.

Immediately, the players acted.

"Dude's come out by the fence he says it's ok I'm just trying to play catch. Then me and Peyton we say get out of here and we chase him out," said 10th grade football player, Jaythan Wright.

Football player Cobe Lookebill saw the whole thing happen. "Grabbed my phone called 911," he said.

The players even took pictures of the man, his car and license plate.

"You see that in movies someone takes pictures of license plate that kind of thing," said Wright.

Fenton Police caught up with the man a short time later.

They questioned, then released him.

Now, the teenage boys are being called heroes.

"Everybody is so proud of these kids and the thing they did," said Bakker.

Wright said, "we all came together as a team. I that's what really matters."

A team on and off the field now bracing for their next big hurdle.

"I'm hoping we're going to win," laughed 10th grade football player, Sam Metcalfe.

Police said no charges will be filed against the man who showed up at the field. They say he did nothing illegal. No one was injured during the incident.

Fenton hosts Clio Friday night.

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