Kwame Kilpatrick found guilty of racketeering and other charges

Kwame Kilpatrick at an earlier trial

WDIV is reporting that former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick has been found guilty on multiple charges, including racketeering.

After 2 weeks of deliberation, the jury has come to a unanimous verdict on 40 of the 45 charges facing Kwame Kilpatrick, Bobby Ferguson and Bernard Kilpatrick.

Kwame Kilpatrick and Ferguson were found guilty of racketeering and other charges according to WDIV.

The jury was unable to reach a verdict on racketeering for Bernard Kilpatrick.

Kwame Kilpatrick was convicted on 24 total counts, found not guilty on three counts and there was no consensus on three counts as well according to WDIV.

WDIV reports that Kilpatrick and Ferguson are looking at up to 20 years in prison.

Stay with NBC 25 as more details come in on this breaking story.

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