Large medical marijuana facility close to reality after Saginaw Commissioners ruling

Saginaw County Commissioners allowed the annexation of the old Farmer Peet's pack property to the Village of Chesaning. The site could be home to a new $50 Million marijuana production complex. (Photo Credit: Drew Moore/WSMH)

The 20-acre plot of land which used to be home to Farmer Peet’s packing plant in Chesaning is the center of a dispute between the Village of Chesaning and Chesaning Township.

Owner of the property Beau Parmenter is part of a development group which is interested in building a $50 Million medical marijuana production facility on the site.

Standing in the way of that happening is the fact that the township opted not to allow any medicinal marijuana businesses to operate in town.

So Parmenter and his group wanted the land to be annexed to the Village of Chesaning, which voted to allow those facilities to operate.

After no agreement could be reached between the two municipalities, the Saginaw County Commissioners had to settle the issue once and for all.

The board voted eight to one in favor of allowing Parmenter, and his group called Plant Life LLC, to become part of the village.

Parmenter says the board made the right decision, and it means a big financial boost for the small town is on the way.

“We will have an initial investment of $20 Million, and up to $50 Million once it’s all built. We will also add a 110-bed drug rehabilitation facility at another site. It will bring in up to 350 jobs, and create more than a million-dollars in tax revenue. We’re happy that the commission made the right decision,” Parmenter says.

Plant Life LLC will now begin the process of receiving permits to operate from the village, and the State of Michigan.

They hope to have seeds in the ground by the winter of 2018.

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