Lead present in Flint woman's home at 74 ppb

Vicky Marx says she drank water from her faucet up until the State of Emergency was declared in Flint in late 2015 and had no idea the amount of lead that was present then, but her current water tests show lead levels that are shocking.

Marx first tested her water in January 2016, and it reveal lead present at 18 parts per billion, which is above the acceptable federal limit of 15ppb.

Fast forward to today, the lead in her water three times that amount.

The Department of Environmental Quality tests Marx's water monthly and results fluctuate between five parts per billion and 74ppb.

With all the stress of worrying about her water test results, she can't believe officials are saying the water is okay to drink.

Marx says, "It makes me angry when I see them on T.V. saying oh you know the water is fine but they're doing the testing, and they've got the same results that I've got. How can I say the waters fine?"

Marx says she's been told the pipes in her area won't be replaced until late 2018.

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