Leonard's Syrups of Detroit expanding into mid-Michigan

Leonard's Syrups of Detroit is expanding into mid-Michigan. (Photo credit: Jesse Gonzales)

A Detroit manufacturer is expanding into mid-Michigan.

Leonard's Syrups will soon take over a vacant building on Saginaw's west side that used to be home to Cicinelli & Sons Poultry Beef Pork on the corner of Euclid and Sheridan.

From fountain drinks at upper-scale restaurants to the large Coca-Cola at the McDonald's drive-thru, Leonard's Syrups has been serving Michigan customers since 1964.

But the Detroit-based company, which supplies beverage syrups and carbonation, plans to move further north.

A year ago the $13 million company expanded into the Grand Rapids area and this March it will make its way here to Saginaw.

"We felt that Saginaw was a good place to be because we can cover as far south as Flint up to the Bay City-Midland area from a distribution standpoint," Leonard's Syrups rep Rick Montagne said.

In order to move into the old Cicinelli & Sons building, Montagne said they have a lot of work to do.

"We're looking at putting possibly a quarter of a million into the building to make it work for us, so we're dedicated to Saginaw," he said.

But as an incentive for the company to move here, Tom Miller with Saginaw Future said city council is in the process of voting to freeze its taxes for 12 years.

"If you were a private business and if you wanted to go in there and operate, it was in a poor condition," Miller said. "So essentially it doesn't penalize a company for investing in a property that is obsolete."

Montagne said all of the work they will have to do is worth it.

"We see Saginaw on the rebound right now and we just hope to be a part of that," he said.

The company rep said this will bring four jobs to the area initially, but they plan to add more as distribution grows.

As far as the tax freeze, council will have a final vote at its next meeting on the 18th.

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