Local football coach reacts to NFL rule change

Local football coach reacts to NFL rule change. ( Photo: Courtney Wheaton)

BRIDGEPORT, Mich-- Kevin Marshall is the head football coach at Bridgeport High School.

He says the game isn't the same as when he played years ago.

"I remember seeing stars. We shook it off and never called it a concussion and got right back in and played. "

With more reports of long lasting effects from head and neck injuries, the NFL recently passed a new rule banning players from lowering their head to make contact with their helmets.

"It kind of softens the game in my opinion, but I know people who have played in the NFL who have now found they had concussions later on," said Marshall.

Marshall says at Bridgeport players are already learning the correct way to tackle without using their noggins.

The team uses a method called "hawk" tackling that coach Marshall says is the same method the Seattle Seahawks use.

"You take your head out. It's all shoulders and thighs. You're wrapping up with the thighs to stop the guys momentum. "

A move that could prevent players from ending up in Marc Thompson's office.

He's a Neurosurgeon at Covenant in Saginaw and says getting a concussion is easier than you think.

"You don't have to be unconscious, it's the biggest misnomer to get a concussion you don't even have to get hit in the head," said Marc Thompson.

Although rules are changing the game for the league both doctors and coaches agree protecting these potential NFL hopefuls is the number one issue they're tackling right now.

"We have to take precautions to make sure they are safe so they can get to our age and enjoy life as well," said Marshall.

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