Majority of water service line replacement contractors are behind schedule in Flint

Flint Mayor Karen Weaver's water service line replacement program called 'Fast Start' is behind schedule. Only one of four contractors is on pace to finish contract on time. (Photo Credit: Drew Moore/WSMH)

The goal of Flint Mayor Karen Weaver’s program to replace lead and galvanized water service lines in the city is set at 6,000 per year.

In order to hit that goal this year, some of the contractors will need to pick up the pace. Currently crews should be at approximately 80-percent to the goal for the zones of work they were awarded.

According to Fast Start program officials, the only contractor ahead of pace is Goyette Mechanical which is at 90-percent.

Fast Start Coordinator Michael McDaniel says that W.T. Stevens, and Waldorf, have reached approximately 70-percent of their goal.

Lang Construction, according to MdDaniel, is at approximately 60-percent. In order to hit the 6,000 lines replaced and inspected goal, contractors will need to complete 1,800 more before November 22.

McDaniel says it’s still possible.

“They’re going to need everything to go absolutely right over the next month. But it’s definitely still possible. If they don’t complete the contract, they could be facing financial penalties,” McDaniel says.

Flint City Councilman Scott Kincaid says he’s concerned about the short amount of time left in the construction season before winter weather comes in.

“I don’t want to penalize the contractors. But if there’s a number that they committed to getting done, they need to get it done. If they can’t, we need to find more companies that will get the work completed,” Kincaid says.

However, McDaniel says the problem doesn’t fall squarely on the contractors.

“We need residents to complete the property access form and get them turned in. We have hundreds of homes that we are waiting to do work on, but those forms haven’t been submitted,” McDaniel says.

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