MDEQ notifies Flint over ‘intent to sue’; Mayor says she will ‘seem them in court’

Michigan Department of Environmental Quality will ask a judge to force the City of Flint to comply with a recently issue Administrative Consent Order. The order addressed alleged issued with upgrades to the city water plant, and distribution system. Mayor Karen Weaver strongly disagreed. (Photo Credit: Drew Moore/WSMH)

FLINT, Mich - The back and forth between the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality and the City of Flint continued into late Tuesday afternoon. The MDEQ sending a letter stating an ‘intent to sue’ to ask a judge to enforce an Administrative Consent Order which the city was unwilling to sign. The letter was issued last week and claimed there were at least fifteen different issues that the city has not addressed with the water plant, and the distribution system at large.

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Flint Mayor Karen Weaver responding almost immediately to the MDEQ’s concerns on Monday saying the city is within every guideline MDEQ has put in front of them.

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Now she says. It will be up to a judge to decide who’s right and wrong.

“Let them take us to court! We want to go to court! That seems to be the only way we can get things settled. If they think they can threaten us with court so we roll over and do what they want, that’s not going to happen,” Weaver says.

A court date has yet to be determined.

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