Meet The Maestro - Enrique Diemecke

Maestro Enrique Diemecke

For a quarter of a century, the internationally acclaimed Maestro Enrique Diemecke has captivated and entertained thousands of area men, women and children as conductor and music director of the Flint Symphony Orchestra. What has kept him here for twenty five years? "Everybody here cares," he says. "The musicians care, the administration cares and the audience cares."

When asked what his is passion, music or conducting, Enrique is quick to answer "Music, because music has to be everything. In music, you can find anything and everything. All the answers are there."

But twenty five years ago, it appeared even the Mexican born composer, musician and conductor didn't have the answer to one difficult question when he asked himself "Why should I say yes to the job offer from the F.S.O?" "Unfortunately," he says, "everybody can remember that date because in that week a movie about Flint was being shown. Close friends of mine told me immediately 'You are not stayinig there. Forget it.' So after thinking not even a minute I said, I'm staying."

From that moment, a musical marriage was created. one that this year celebrates its silver anniversary, a marriage that, to this day is still filled with passion and commitment.

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