MI Hooters Girls, allegedly told to lose weight or lose their jobs, will settle out of court

Cassie Smith claims she was told to lose weight in order to keep her job at Hooter's. / Courtesy WDIV-TV

Two Michigan Hooters girls, who were reportedly told to lose weight of lose their jobs, have settled the case outside of court.

The Associated Press reports a Macomb County Judge dismissed lawsuits by Cassie Smith and Leanne Convery.

The girls were reportedly told they had to lose weight in order to properly fit into the company TMs tight uniforms.

In a previous story on connectmidmichigan.com, we reported that Smith is almost 5 TM8, and weighs about 135 pounds. Smith says that during her review, a manager told her that her clothes were not fitting properly anymore, and that she would be given a gym membership. If Smith didn TMt improve in the next 30 days, then she would possibly be separated from the company.

Hooters denies that they threatened to fire the girls over their weight.

Attorneys told the Associated Press that arbitration will lead to a quicker decision with fewer court fees.

Do you think Hooters has the right to tell their waitresses to lose weight in order to keep the image, or do you think that is discrimination? Leave us your comments and vote on our poll.

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