Michigan has longer energy outages than the rest of the country

    power outages.jpg

    Lansing, Mich.

    Energy analysts say Wednesday's power outages highlight a failure of energy infrastructure in our state.

    Douglas Jester, partner at 5 Lakes Energy, a clean energy consulting group, says Michigan has an average amount of outages compared to other states but says the length of our outages are too long. He says power outages in Michigan average six hours but in the rest of the countryaverages two hours.

    "There a lot of room to improve restoration of service," Jester says.

    He says it takes electrical companies too long to get power up and running.

    In 2018, DTE and Consumer's Energy submitted plans to improve reliability. But Jester is concerned about the plans.

    "I'm not persuaded it's the right plan because the focus of those proposed investments is on reducing the frequency, which is not a bad thing, but our problem is reducing the duration of the outage," he says.

    The plans have not been approved by the state yet.

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