Michigan State Police raise awareness to human trafficking

Michigan State Police raise awareness to human trafficking  (MGN Online)

Flint, Mich.-- January is Human Trafficking Awareness month, and Michigan State Police has a new video highlighting the subtle signs that many people miss.

They released the video last week.

When you scroll through the comments on Facebook a lot of people say they didn't even catch some of the human trafficking signs right before their eyes.

It's the new video from Michigan State Police taking social media by storm across the state. It starts by what appears to be a normal day on the job for service workers.

But then rewind and look again at the signs of human trafficking that slip by.

“People like service industry workers in people's houses servicing this and servicing that sometimes walk right by it and I don't think people don't care its they don't realize what they're seeing,” Tpr. Kramer said.

Michigan State Police Trooper Steven Kramer says this video draws attention to some of the subtle signs.

“It's just not what we have been conditioned to look for,” he said.

They include things like deadbolts on bedroom doors, behavior changes and dirty living conditions. The video's goal is to not just make service workers take a second look when they're out, but all of us.

“The awareness of it. Pay attention to your surroundings especially when there's children involved just don't take things for granted,” he said.

Trooper Kramer says how people get coerced into human trafficking looks very different than that image of being kidnapped like a lot of us have.

He says it happens a lot through social media, and teenagers are the ones who are especially vulnerable because they really want to fit in.

If you want to see the full video, click here.

The national Human Trafficking hotline for victims is 1 (888) 373-7888.

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