Michigan’s first lady hosts summit on ending campus sexual assault

Eastern Michigan University hosts Michigan first lady Sue Snyder's third annual summit, "Let's End Campus Sexual Assault." (Photo: WEYI/WSMH)

YSPSILANTI, Mich. - College students, survivor advocates, law enforcement and for the first time, high schoolers.

They all came together Monday at Eastern Michigan University for first lady Sue Snyder's third annual summit, "Let's End Campus Sexual Assault."

It's a diverse group of people working to inform and prevent sexual assault from happening on campuses across the state of Michigan.

During the program, the first lady launched her new handbook, meant to provide resources to victims.

It includes information on title nine and how to connect with law enforcement for help.

She also commented on the recent move by the Trump administration to rescind the Obama-era title nine protections for how campuses address sexual assault.

"I don't really have a fear for it, no. Hopefully, if it comes together well. I talked with Betsy DeVos, I showed her what we've done in the state and I told her we're here for a resource, whatever she may need. It is about the survivors and honestly, I don't think it's going to hurt. I hope it will help," said Snyder.

More information on "Let's End Campus Sexual Assault" can be found here.

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