Midland camp introduces students to skilled trades

    Midland camp introduces students to skilled trades

    MIDLAND, Mich. --More than two dozen middle and high schoolers from across mid-Michigan are getting their hands dirty, learning about skilled trades.

    They're in a camp put on by the Midland County Educational Service Agency.

    Instructors hope this helps spark a passion for skilled trades.

    These teens are hard at work learning how to use tools and going over scaffolding.

    It's all to inspire the next generation of talent.

    Growing up around skilled trades, Coulton Booth knows what it takes to become successful.

    “I’ve done it all my life I've ran every piece of machinery I can think of I've always wanted to get into that follow in my dads’ footsteps because that's what I have fun doing,” he said.

    But even though he's been around the block, Coulton's still learning new skills during this week's camp at the Greater Michigan Construction Academy.

    “There's a lot of business owners that come in here and teach and they watch is and see how we do I think this place will open up a lot of doors for me,” he said.

    “It's fun seeing kids gaining interest in something they've never done before,” Gary Shaffner said.

    Bullock Creek High School Construction Trades teacher Gary Shaffner is among several instructors.

    He hopes showing teens the basics turns into future careers.

    “I know we need more skilled trades,” he said.

    And even if they don't all become carpenters and scaffolders, Gary says it can't hurt to have these skills in their back pockets.

    “They can do something for themselves they don't have to hire someone they can tackle it know how to operate the screwdriver is know what the drill bit is, just the basics,” Gary said.

    Several industry professionals including electricians and plumbers also came to the camp.

    It wraps up on July 25, 2018 and it's something they hope continues for years to come.

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