Midland event to highlight 'forever families' during National Adoption Month

    Nicole Homan teaching a science lesson to her children.

    November is National Adoption Awareness Month. In Michigan, there are thousands of kids waiting in foster care hoping to find forever homes.

    Adoption Option Inc. in Midland is an agency working to rebuild those families and create new ones.

    On November 8th, Adoption Option Inc. is hosting an event called "Jambalaya and Jazz" at the Great Hall in Midland.

    During the event people will have a chance to sample foods from a variety of Michigan restaurants and enjoy live jazz music, while helping to raise money to create more forever families.

    "We have 18 restaurants from the Great Lakes Bay Region coming; cooking jambalaya, gumbo, comfort food and deserts," says Jacqueline Leapheart.

    Jacqueline Leapheart of Adoption Option Inc. says the event helps fund adoptions, foster care and mentoring programs, but it also raises awareness of the need.

    "There are so many kids who came into this world and through no fault of their own they have no family," says Leapheart.

    Matt and Nicole Homan realized that need and decided they wanted to help.

    "We just believed it was something we were supposed to do," says Matt Homan

    The Homan's adopted there first child from Africa, but they couldn't stop there, after having four kids of there own, they decided to adopt more.

    "We have adopted 11 children, one international and then 10 in the state of Michigan," says Homan.

    The Homan family says they never expected their family to grow so much.

    "When we first got married, we thought we'd have a big family which we thought meant five which is funny. We were thinking minivan, we ended up with a minibus," says Nicole Homan.

    And as you can imagine their house is a little crazy.

    "250 dishes, 53 meals, about 5 to 7 loads of laundry and then you still have piles we never get through it all," says Homan.

    But the Homan's say though the years, adoption is the gift that's just kept on giving.

    "There's something beautiful about the moment when a child chooses to have you be mom and dad," says Homan.

    Leapheart says their goal is creating more forever homes, just like this one.

    "They have a need for love and they just want to be loved and by adopting you can make a difference in a child's life. And yes you're going to make a difference in their life but they're going to make an amazing difference in yours," says Leapheart

    For more information on the "Jumbalaya and Jazz" event and how to purchase tickets, click here.

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