Midland Superintendent calls student video, "racial and vile"

    Midland Public School's Superintendent Michael Sharrow released response to incident Friday. (Photo from WEYI/WSMH)<p>{/p}<p>{/p}

    MIDLAND, Mich - Midland Public Schools Superintendent Michael Sharrow released a letter to parents and students informing them about what he calls a, "student-created racial, vile video" that he says has made its way onto social media sites.

    "In the case of the recent video incident, the District has used discipline, is requiring counseling and has used restoration practices. The District has worked with students and the family of the creator of the video as well as the student and family who have been victimized. The families have been very cooperative and concerned with how to proceed going forward to foster a climate of inclusivity in our entire student body so issues such as this don’t ever occur again. I hope all of us will follow their lead and focus on assisting the student to become open-minded and respectful to make better future decisions as well as supporting the victim today and in the future," said Sharrow.

    Sharrow says in the letter that while he can not comment specifically on discipline or name any student he did write about what action has been taken and the actions the district has in place in an attempt to prevent students from making what he calls "terrible choices."

    Read Sharrow's letter:

    Midland Letter by on Scribd

    Sharrow explains, "that the district and it's students embrace diversity and seek to foster and celebrate the differences in each other."

    Sharrow says the Inclusion & Diversity Committee will review this video and current situation and continue to ensure an environment where everyone is safe, valued, and treated with kindness and respect.

    The video starts as a mock newscast, shows the n-word, then points out a black male student allegedly dating a white female student.

    The video's narrator insinuates the African-American student could cause danger.

    "This could this lead to rape, drug abuse or even murder," the video says.Students condemned the video.

    "It's disgusting that you would make those kind of comments," MHS student Micah Schieber says.

    Schieber is friends with the black teen targeted in the video.

    "He's keeping his head up high and that's what he has to do," he says. He hopes the school district disciplines the student who made the video severely."They need to crack down harder than they have in the past and for this," he says.

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