Millions in past due water bills stirring up major problems for Flint finances

City of Flint Chief Financial Officer Hughey Newsome struggling to balance already high water rates, and the need to bring in revenue for the city. (Photo Credit: Drew Moore/WSMH)

Members of the Flint City Council along with city leaders are working overtime to try and stop water rates from going up even more in the city. The water fund is owed millions of dollars it could spell disaster if the lack of revenue continues. City of Flint Chief Financial Officer Hughey Newsome says it’s a very tough situation.

“We have been told by two agencies that we need to increase rates to bring in more revenue. We already know we have high rates and people are having a tough time. We are focusing on increasing collections and we may need to start placing liens on properties in order to get this problem worked out,” Newsome says.

The city is targeting inactive water accounts who haven’t made a payment since September 2017. Those bills may be transferred to the title of the property. The owner would have three years to pay off the balance, or risk the county taking the home through a foreclosure process.

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