Mom keeps twins memory alive for their big brother


SAGINAW, Mich. -- Faith Cheshire was midway through her pregnancy when her water broke while carrying twins. She had been through a preterm delivery before. Her son Hudson had been born at 28 weeks. Unlike Hudson, who is a thriving three-year-old, the twins' story had a different ending.

"How many kids do you have? That’s always the big question," says Faith. "Do I say one or one and two in heaven?"

It's been a year and a half since the Cheshire family laid to rest their twin boys. At just 22 weeks, Faith's water broke.

"It was the next morning," says Faith. "They went to check and baby a didn’t have a heartbeat. They talked about ok you need to name your babies and trying to think of a name for your baby that isn’t going to survive is just weird. I know we had to but it’s just not an exciting feeling like it should be."

Faith and her husband Chris decided to name the baby Robert after her father. "He awas born sleeping but he’s still our baby Robert," says Faith.

Robert was cremated since Faith was still pregnant with another baby boy.

"That's the thing trying to grieve one baby but you’re still pregnant so it was really hard," says Faith.

Less than two weeks later, she was rushed into an emergency C-section.

"He was alive," says Faith, "but just didn’t seem like much hope."

Caden was born just eight days after his brother Robert. While his name meant fighter, he struggled to survive.

"So many people are praying for us and I thought he was going to make it," says Faith. "I had told my friend the one day after losing Robert I’ll be ok as long as this other baby were to make it. If Caden were to make it I’ll be ok."

Unfortunately, complications arose after a much-needed surgery.

"He literally took his last breath and I just held him," says Faith. "Robert’s ashes were in a little heart and they were in Caden’s coffin and they were buried together."

Now that he's older, Faith is trying to keep the twin's memory alive for their big brother.

"You ask him if he has any brothers and he says yes, but he’ll say they’re in the clouds. He’ll say we can’t go see them because our car can’t go in the sky."

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