Mom of 3-year-old shot and killed in Flint remembers her son and seeks justice

Flint Police say Landon was shot while in a car at North Dort Highway and Carpenter Road Friday night. (Photo from family)

A Flint mother was sitting in her car when she says a bullet went through the window of her vehicle striking her three-year-old in the head last Friday night near North Dort Highway and Carpenter Road.

The mom, who does not want to be identified, says three-year-old Landon was shot Friday night and died the next day at a local hospital.

Landon was sitting next to his twin sister in his car seat when he was shot.

Landon's step-dad tells us minutes before the shooting he was at a store when he encountered a man who he says he has had an ongoing argument with.

The step-dad, who also does not want to be named, tells us he and the man at the store did not exchange any words.

The step-dad tells us the shots were fired when he got into the vehicle with his fiance and the two children.

"I heard the bullet and I looked back and I am like they got my baby, they shot my baby and I held him up to me and said get to the hospital as fast as you could," said Landon's mom.

The suspect was arrested Saturday but has not yet been arraigned.

A GoFundMe account has been set up to help with funeral costs.

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