Montrose delays vote on marijuana ordinance but lays out guidelines

Montrose City Council delays a vote to approve a marijuana production ordinance at a meeting on December 5. (Photo Credit: Drew Moore/WSMH)

Officials with the City of Montrose have been pondering for months opting into the program through the State of Michigan to allow marijuana sales and production inside of the town. The city’s planning commission completed an ordinance which will lay out what could be, and could not be, allowed to happen inside of city limits. It’s up to the city council now to approve the ordinance. A vote was expected to take place on Tuesday night, but was postponed because two council members were absent. The ordinance, if approved, would allow four different types of marijuana licenses to operate. They are:



Secure Transporters

Safety Testing Professionals

One area that is not currently included in the ordinance is the sale of medicinal marijuana to customers in a retail setting. Mayor Colleen Brown says she believes that opting in to allow certain types of licenses makes financial sense for the city.

“I’ve been on this council for nine years and we have had decreasing revenues for nine years we have cut, after cut, after cut, in our spending. We have been looking at how to get a new revenue source here, and this is an option that’s in front of us. I’m afraid if we choose not to do it we won’t see anything quite like this again,” Brown says.

Montrose is in a unique position because a development company has plans to invest millions of dollars into a marijuana manufacturing facility on 40 acres located on the west side of town. Those plans are in limbo until city council approves the ordinance. Council is expected to take up the vote at the full council meeting on December 21.

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