Montrose family makes speed signs asking drivers to slow down

    Montrose family makes speed signs asking drivers to slow down

    Some Montrose residents had problems with people speeding down Carlann road.

    So a girl and her mom took matters into their own hands.

    Alivia Menges always worries about making sure everyone is ok.

    “She's always ready for an ice pack if someone falls down or a band aid,” Stacy said.

    Her mom Stacy says she's also persistent.

    “If it's important to her she will remind me every day,” she said.

    For years the family remembers people driving fast down their road. Stacy says at the time there were no speed limit signs.

    “We always yell at people to slow down because they have kids everyone's got kids and they go fast,” Stacy said.

    “I don't want a kid to get injured or hit and die one this road and it's a small road. I don't know why people would speed down it,” Alivia said.

    So last month Alivia decided to do something about it. She and her mom made two signs asking drivers to slow down.

    “At first I thought it was just a stick and paper but then my mom told me when it rained you won't want the paper to go down and stuff,” Alivia said.

    The family took to social media and started getting results.

    “The day after the city was out here putting signs in they never had speed signs up so they were checking for speed signs and we got our speed limit signs finally so people will pay attention,” Stacy said.

    Their street now has new speed limit signs. Alivia's persistence proves you don't always have to be the biggest, or the loudest, to make a difference.

    “Now it's kind of stopped people speeding down our road and it makes me feel pretty happy,” Alivia said.

    Stacy's had people ask if they'll make more signs.

    She says for now the family will just safely enjoy summer vacation together.

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