Movie ‘For Flint’ follows three people doing positive things in the community

The movie 'For Flint' was shown to resident at the Flint Institute of Arts on Tuesday, December 12. (Photo Credit: Drew Moore/WSMH)

Movie Director Brian Schulz was sitting at home in Brooklyn, New York watching the Flint Water Crisis unfold and felt he needed to do something. So instead of sitting on the sidelines, he did a little background work, hopped in his car, and drove to the Vehicle City to do a story on the city. But, he says, he wanted to change the negative perception of the city.

“You hear about all of the bad stuff, but there’s got to be good things here. We followed three different people who are doing great things in the community, despite what was happening. It would have been easy to go negative, but there had to be a different narrative that should be told about Flint,” Schulz says.

Schulz followed three different people around in their day to day lives, documenting their struggles, and their accomplishments. The file aired on Tuesday night in front of a packed crowd at the Flint Institute of Arts. The short documentary will air on public television station WKAR sometime this spring.

You can see a trailer for the movie here.

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