New police chief hired in Spaulding Township after months with no department

Spaulding Township gets a new police chief after months without a police department.

SPAULDING TOWNSHIP, Mich. - A township police department is back in operation in Saginaw County after being closed for more than half a year.

The Spaulding Township police department was dissolved in April of this year. Tuesday, a new police chief was sworn in.

The township went months without a police department after the Township's two-person team of the police chief and a part-time officer were let go for personnel issues.

Spaulding Township is hoping to turn over a new leaf, swearing in Allen Rabideau as the new police chief.

"One of the challenges is going to be to take a department that's basically closed down and bring it back up, that's a huge challenge for me and I'm definitely looking forward to doing that," says Chief Rabideau

"This is important because even though there's only 3300 people that live in Spaulding Township, it's important that they know that they are well protected,” says Saginaw County Sheriff Bill Federspiel.

Chief Rabideau will officially step into his role in Spaulding Township on January 3rd.

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