New sober living home opens its doors in Flint


A new sober living home is hoping to bridge the gap between leaving a rehab facility and transitioning back to everyday life.

The man behind it knows the cycle all too well.

Martin Oltz says he spent ten years trying to stop drinking, enrolling in twelve step programs only to end up right back where he started once the program was over.

Oltz says it wasn't until someone helped him develop an exit strategy that he actually got clean, now he wants to do the same for others.

"The addiction aspect of Flint has just exploded and people are dropping like flies and I want to take the fight back," says Oltz.

Martin Oltz created Triple H housing or Heart to God, Hand to Man Housing to provide a structured transition for those finishing recovery who need extra support so they don't fall back into the same path.

"Our mission is to provide a place where you can have spiritual mental physical emotional healing while working on yourself and your foundation and a personal relationship with Jesus Christ," says Oltz.

The home on East Court street can house up to twelve men who pay weekly rent. Aside from the support factors like random drug and alcohol testing, and group support meetings, there's also bible study and a war room.

"They're coming home to a safe environment knowing that when they're here they don't have to worry about any temptation," says Oltz.

Kyle Tower says he's coming up on one year clean after battling a heroin addiction for years.

"It's not fun living that lifestyle, its miserable its sad it's a waste of life," says Tower.

He says living in Triple H Housing is what's kept him strong.

"Really it's the fellowship you know we help each other out were all on the same page and that's the most important thing," says Tower.

Oltz says the recovery process is all about gaining strength, not just for the men but for him too.

"Every time I take someone through it, I go through it again myself so its rebuilding mine as well," says Oltz.

And for someone finishing a recovery program looking for the next step, their doors are open.

"I would say give it a chance because it really works, it's a better way of life," says Tower.

For more information on Triple H Housing or how you can help, click here.

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