New website offers resources for mental health help to Midland county residents

Hope Portal connects people with hotlines, crisis centers, and counseling centers, with a click of a button. So they can get help, with issues including depression, and eating disorders. (Photo credit: Kila Peeples)

MIDLAND, Mich - There's a new way for people in Midland County to reach out for help if they're living with mental health issues and it's just a mouse click, or phone call away.

Hope Portal was created by 211 northeast Michigan and sponsored by Dow Chemical.

The site connects people with hotlines, crisis centers and counseling centers with a click of a button.

From there they can get help with issues including depression and eating disorders.

It also offers referrals for substance abuse and assistance with domestic violence.

The site also gives information on how to pay for treatments.

Hope Portal is accessible 24 hours a day, every day of the week.

Hope Portal website

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