Non-profits work together after back-to-back disasters in Midland

Non-profits are working together following historic flood in June and recent fire at Greenhill Apartments in Midland. (Photo credit: Amanda Chodnicki)

There have been two tragic events in Midland already this summer, leaving local non-profit organizations hard at work.

From Hidden Harvest to United Way to The Arc of Midland, so many organizations have put their heads together to find ways to help all affected.

For the executive director of The Arc of Midland, Jan Lampman, it's been a busy summer.

First there was the historic flood that happened two months ago throughout the county, impacting more than a thousand homes and damaging dozens of roads.

Following that, there was the recent fire at Greenhill Apartments a little over a week ago, displacing about 175 residents.

The Greenhill residents have yet to return to their homes and don't know when they'll be able to.

"Of course were just taking a sigh of relief from getting folks sort of settled with the flood and then of course the fire happened," Lampman said.

Lampman said The Arc of Midland works with United Way and their focus is to help those with developmental disabilities.

She said they've helped about 30 residents with the flood and then took on about 30 more following the fire.

"Now that they're out of that safe space, their needs are beginning to emerge," Lampman said.

The Arc of Midland has been doing everything from collecting donations to helping Greenhill residents, like Sally and Vickie find temporary housing.

"I was scared and was wondering what it looked like up there," one resident said. "I lost it."

The residents lost a lot to water damage, but gained love and support from the volunteers.

Lampman said between the other non-profits and citizens that just donated their time or money, the community really banned together.

"I just... it makes me feel great to live here," she said. "It makes me happy to be a part of a place that cares about its citizens and really tries to step up and help them."

As for a timeline on when the Greenhill residents will be able to live back at the complex, Lampman said she doesn't really know of one.

She said she heard it could be anywhere from weeks to months.

If you're interested in assisting some of the residents, click here for more information.

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