Off-duty officer leaves gun at local middle school, parents speak out

Parents attend a community school safety meeting at Shepherd High School. (Amanda Chodnicki)

Parents in the Village of Shepherd voiced their concerns after a gun was found inside the middle school.

It was left there by an off-duty officer.

Tuesday evening there was a community school safety update that was planned before the gun incident; however, a lot parents said that incident is what brought them there.

"It could've gotten into the wrong hands," one parent said.

In a sea of adults, sat a child.

That child, a sixth grader at Shepherd Middle School, found the gun and immediately got an adult.

Police said the gun was left there by the Isabella County Sheriff Michael Main.

Main said he used the locker room at a middle school event to change from street clothes into uniform and he said he thought he put the backup gun in his bag.

With 20 years in law enforcement, he's known by many in the community and many said they forgive him.

"I've know Mike Main for virtually all his life and he's a first class citizen, he's protected us to the best of his ability and I think it was just a bad mistake," another parent said.

But others said the mistake could have cost lives.

This is the most recent incident, but not the only one the district dealt with this year and each one was addressed at the meeting.

Parents had a lot of time to ask questions and express their concerns.

One concern was communication and improving that moving forward.

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