Pistons donate $500,000 to Flint organization during water crisis

Pistons lend aid in Flint water crisis

The community Foundation of Greater Flint received $500,000 from the Pistons today to put towards the Child Health and Development Fund.

"It gives private sector people, as well as Pistons execs and their players, the opportunity to help with the issue you all are having here with water," Pistons legend Bob Lanier said.

Flint switched its drinking water source from the Detroit system to the Flint River in April 2014 to save money while the cash-strapped city was led by an emergency manager appointed by the Republican governor.

The city returned to Detroit water in October after testing detected increased lead levels in residential water supplies and in children's blood.

Although the Foundation of Greater Flint has received donations from 48 states and countries all over the world during the water crisis, officials say this is the most substantial contribution to date.

"That kind of outpouring of generosity is humbling," said Kathi Horton of the foundation.

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