Plan to allow controversial 'Morning After Pill' on store shelves blocked

The Plan B pill has been blocked from store shelves. It will remain behind pharmacy counters to prevent minors from getting it without a prescription.

The controversial Morning After Pill, also known as Plan B, has been blocked from store shelves.

MSNBC reports Obama Administration health officials stopped the plans to allow the drug to be sold at stores next to condoms Wednesday. While the pill is available at pharmacies across the country, the decision comes after the Food and Drug Administration ruled that young girls shouldn TMt be able to purchase the pill without their parent TMs consent. Therefore, the law will continue that only women17-years-old or older will be able to purchase it.

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The Washington Post reports both women TMs health advocates and abortion opponents were shocked by the administration TMs ruling. Kirsten Moore of the Reproductive Health Technologies Project tells the media outlet they TMre outraged by the move that trump[s] science. Proponents of the bill, however, say allowing young girls to have the Plan B over the counter would have exposed girls and women to risks from taking high doses of potent hormone and misusing medication|

Under this ruling, girls 16-years-old and younger will need a prescription to pick up the pill at a pharmacy.

What do you think about young girls taking the Morning After Pill? Should they be allowed to get it over the counter, or should they be forced to have a prescription? Vote on our poll below and leave us your comments.

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