Plans to expand Delta College into downtown Midland finalized

The plans to expand Delta College into downtown Midland were finalized Tuesday. (Delta College)

The plan for the Delta College Midland Center is moving forward.

Trustees with Delta finalized a location for the new building in downtown Midland just west of the new Fairfield Inn & Suites this Tuesday.

For decades, Midland has been home to Gerry LaChabelle.

He said he’s seen this area before Dow Diamond and many of the restaurants and hotels.

“It was like a typical small town downtown,” he added.

But he said with time, he’s grown and so has his city.

“You know a small downtown was nice it was quiet,” he said. “This is going to become busy now.”

He said this after the news that Delta College is building a new center downtown.

“We want to bring more students in,” a rep with the college said. “Retention is key right now, so we want to get them in a downtown area where there’s other things to do.”

The center will be located on the block bounded by Ellsworth, Townsend, Buttles and Cronkright.

Officials with Delta College said not only will it bring in more students, but they expect it to bring in more business for local shops and restaurants.

“A lot more traffic, but a lot more opportunities for young people,” LaChabelle said.

Construction is estimated at $13 million with well over half provided by community donors, officials said.

Also, The Chemical Land Bank and Dow donated the piece of land.

They are expected to break ground fall of 2019.

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