Neighbors say alleged Flint human trafficking case is false

The Flint Police Department has confirmed four arrests in a case of suspected human trafficking. (Photo: WEYI/WSMH)

FLINT, Mich. –New questions tonight about an alleged human trafficking scene on Flint's south side. Neighbors say that's not what happened.

The case centers around a Florida woman who came to Flint to make serious allegations against people she was staying with.

Among them: kidnapping and sexual abuse.

Police raided the home over the weekend.

But tonight there's a new twist to the story.

Flint police say they came to the house on Freeman, on Saturday afternoon to investigate a criminal sexual conduct and kidnapping investigation .

But by that time they got here, the alleged victim ran out of the home and headed to a business up the street.

The 35-year-old Florida woman ran down Grand Traverse into the Teasers club a few blocks away. A worker who asked not to be identified says the victim was crying and wanted help.

The Teaser's worker says "she told me she ran, she escaped a house that she had been held hostage at for a month. She said she'd been bound, had guns held to her head and assaulted....sexually assaulted? Yes".

They hid her in the D-J booth until an ambulance came.

In a new statement, Flint police say they arrested 4 people at the scene.

Over the weekend a police sergeant called it "human trafficking, that included prostitution and drugs".

But neighbors we talked with say that's not what was going on.

They say the Florida woman was dropped in Flint by truckers and was free to come and go..

Neighbor Russell Peterson says "the girl that was claiming to be held hostage was not held hostage at all because she was sitting in my neighbor's vehicle having a conversation. She looked just fine to me. Human trafficking? No. She made it all up? Yes. Why? Honestly I'm trying to keep it appropriate she's doped out on drugs. She was trying to get back to Florida and she had no other way to do it than to make stuff up"

According to a department release, police were called to a business at 2545 S. Grand Traverse Street Saturday at 3:41 p.m. in reference to a criminal sexual conduct and kidnapping investigation.

After talking to the adult female victim, police discovered a location where the incident allegedly took place in the 600 block of Freeman Avenue near Grand Traverse.

Flint police, Genesee County Sheriff’s deputies and Michigan State Police responded to the location.

Police continued to investigate the scene and gather evidence from the area.


Police confirm Flint human trafficking investigation

Search expands as possible human trafficking investigation on Flint’s south side continues

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