Police warn of deadly online game

    Police issuing a warning about a potentially deadly online game. (MGN Online photo)

    Police issuing a warning about a potentially deadly online game.

    The Shepherd Police Department recently posted a warning on their Facebook page. The game is called “Momo” or the “Momo Challenge”.

    Authorities say the “Momo Challenge” encourages kids to harm themselves, similar to another internet game “The Blue Whale Challenge”. It even goes as far as encouraging kids to commit suicide.

    Kids take part in the challenge by connecting to a messaging software called “WhatsApp”. According to police, if they don’t follow through with the dangerous task in the challenge, the child is then threatened by the game.

    Despite police agencies throughout the country warning of the dangers of this internet challenge, some still question whether it really is a threat or simply an internet hoax.

    One thing is certain, it is prompting discussion between parents and kids about being safe while on the internet.

    "It’s really easy to set them down in front of a gaming system and let that be the parent and then you go out and do your things but you got to remember they’re still kids and still developing," says sergeant Rick Jones with the Michigan State Police.

    "I say stay clear of the things that look suspicious because it might be very dangerous and you might learn things that you might not want to know," says online gamer Nicolas Hall.

    If you feel your child is being bullied online, whether by a game or another person, Sgt. Jones says to make sure you contact your local police department and report the incident.

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