Pollinator Project works to clear vacant Saginaw lots

Pollinator Project works to clear vacant Saginaw lots

SAGINAW, Mich.-- If you're around Saginaw neighborhoods over the next few weeks chances are you'll run into this small crew of guys.

Zachary Branigan with the Saginaw Basin Land Conservancy is out working rain or shine pulling weeds, mowing lawns and clearing brush from vacant lots.

“Most of which are tax reverted properties or properties that the land bank has purchased to control blight and what happens is you accumulate this gigantic portfolio of land it would be financially irresponsible and impossible to maintain it like a golf course,” he said.

This year alone they're taking on 450 lots in the Northeast and Northwest areas, as well as the Cathedral District.

“I don't know that clearing a vacant lot is the impetus for something to bring back but it's certainly not a positive when you're thinking about many of the good things going on in Saginaw the vacant land problem is holding the community back,” he said.

After the weeds are out, the crew will spice up the land by planting flowers. It's a move they hope also helps the struggling population of bees and butterflies.

Crew member Richard Givhan's now giving back to the place he's lived his whole life one tree branch at a time.

“We are like brothers out here and we work good. I like that wherever we go we get so much recognition about how hard we work and how much stuff we move but it's not about that it's about teamwork,” he said.

The Pollinator Project will clear 1,500 lots over the next few years.

They hope to get the funding to clear all 3,000 in the city.

They also have volunteer days, the next one is on Saturday. For more information click here.

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