Potential strike looms at Hurley Medical Center

Hurley Medical Center

A potential strike looms at Hurley Medical Center in Flint.

Earlier today members of the nurses union voted on that possibility.

"We are 1,020 members strong and we need their voices heard," said Mia Wentworth, Voting Chairperson for Hurley’s RNRPH Union.

On Wednesday nurses who work at Hurley cast their votes whether or not to authorize a potential strike.

If the union votes yes, it does not necessarily mean a strike would happen, only that it could.

Nurses we spoke with say they need better working conditions.

"I think if they lived our life, they did what we did, they might see things differently. Hoping for the best, I hope we don't have to go for a strike but we have to put our patients first," said Linda Theyyunni, a nurse at Hurley Medical Center.

Lance Keen also works as a nurse at Hurley and cast his vote on Wednesday.

"Nobody wants to go on strike, but we want to let management know we're serious. I think that they're out of touch with reality. We're always working understaffed, and when they are filling holes, they're filling it by people that are already there by mandating them. They're already tired, they've already done their shift, and now they're asking to do more," said Hurley nurse Lance Keen.

Keen says there's not enough staff for the number of patients, and nurses are working shifts that are too long.

"It's unfair for the workers, but it's also unfair to the patients. They're not getting the best care that they could because of the patient ratios and the fact that the staff has already put in a full day when they're stuck there again. I know people that come into work and they're literally crying because they're stuck there and they don't know when they can go home to their family,” said Keen.

In their most recent statement, Hurley says it's illegal under state law for nurses to strike because they're employees of a public institution.

Hurley also says although the process has taken longer than expected, they remain confident an agreement will be reached.

We won't know the results of today's vote until roughly Labor Day because people who are 'on leave' have until August 30th to vote absentee.

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