Profitt Report: Here's how to detail your vehicle like a professional

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You might be ready for spring weather, but is your vehicle? Now’s a good time of year to give your car a scrub down, inside and out and not just for cosmetic reasons: it’ll help with its future resale or trade-in value.

More than simply washing, car detailing is exactly what it sounds like: getting into the nitty gritty details of your vehicle. These often-overlooked details are what makes your car truly feel brand-new.

“In the Spring, you're dealing with a lot of salt,” said Sean Dale, owner of HMC Detailing in Fenton.

To remove the hardened salt in your carpet, they start with heat. Hot water or steam will work.

“Vinegar also does do the trick but a lot of people don't want their car to smell like salt and vinegar chips,” Dale said.

Here’s a trick we found online to get out the gunk you find in nooks and crannies of your dashboard. Take an old screwdriver, make sure the ends aren’t sharp and spray an all-purpose cleaner on a cloth. Place the cloth on the end of the screwdriver and move it gently along to get out the gook.

Next, work on the vehicle’s exterior.

Waxing is a big part of Dale’s routine and it’s not just for looks: it protect your vehicle from rust.

A full car detailing is going to cost you around $100, maybe more, depending on your vehicle’s size, condition, etc.

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