Profitt Report: Be aware, this scam asks you to pay for services with iTunes gift cards

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A sophisticated new scam is making its rounds, but these scammers don't want your bank information or credit card number.

These scammers have it down to a science. They've spoofed their caller ID into saying "Apple," making you think you’re talking to the tech company. They'll even direct you to a legit website about viruses and they're persistent just enough to be believable.

Kathleen Gordon thought she heard it all.

“I've gotten calls from people saying if you don't call this number, the IRS will come after you, you're going to be arrested because you owe money,” Gordon said.

However, they never get her: she prides herself on being cautious.

“I usually don't pick up phone calls if I don't know the number,” Gordon said.

Last month, one came up that she did recognize. Gordon said the caller ID read “Apple Care.” She thought it was Apple the tech company.

“They really sounded legit,” said Gordon.

However, the person on the other end of the line was not from Apple. Here’s how the scam works: someone calls you on the phone telling you there's a virus on your computer. They do a scan but then they'll want a payment, not in the form of credit card or cash, but in Apple gift cards.

Gordon went out and purchased $250 worth of Apple gift cards. The con artists cashed them and then asked for more.

“I called my daughter, and she said, 'you’re being scammed.' She said, 'Apple would never do that,'” Gordon said.

Most companies wouldn’t accept Apple gift cards as a form of payment. In fact, Apple addresses this issue on their website. Please click here for more information.

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