Profitt Report: Holiday light decorating tips from the professionals

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Even if you’re not quite ready for the holiday season, now is the perfect time to hang up outdoor lights. Professionals have been at it since early October.

“It’s certainly a lot easier to do right now than a month and a half from now,” said Mark Haskin, owner of Shine in Midland, a holiday lighting company.

He said the work starts well before you untangle your lights.

“There's a lot of creative people who have already done a lot of stuff and put it online, get some ideas of what you're thinking to do as far as the scope and scale of the project and do as much planning ahead as possible,” Haskin said.

Planning means measuring; the last thing you want to do is hang up half your lights, only to realize you don’t have enough. Measure the roof lines and the length and circumference of any trees you plan to decorate.

Then, invest in some shingle and gutter clips. If you’re using larger bulbs, place one on each bulb to make sure they’re spaced evenly. If you’re using mini bulbs, place them closer together on the strand.

You can find a 75-pack for less than $4 online.

Next, consider color. White is classic but options are nearly endless.

“Don't do it for your neighbors, don't do it for other people, do it the way you're going to be the happiest with,” Haskin said, “even if that means teal and purple or pink and blue.”

Here’s the trick to making it look professional; go for symmetry. For example, if you’re using red lights for bushes on the right side of your house, use them on the left side, too.

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