Profitt Report: How much money do you need for retirement? Here's the breakdown by age

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We’re told all our lives, we need to save for retirement, but how much money is enough and how do you know you’re on the right track?

“It's kind of a numbers game,” said Jason Cryderman of Great Lakes Investment Advisors in Midland.

The numbers game goes a little something like this:

“By the time you hit 30-[years-old], you should have maybe one times your salary saved,” said Cryderman.

When you’re 40-years-old, you should have three times your salary saved.

At 50-years-old, you should have six times your salary saved and at 60-years-old, eight times your salary, Cryderman said.

“When you're ready to retire you should have ten times your salary saved for retirement,” he said.

Now here’s another dilemma: is it possible you’re saving too much?

“Maybe a spouse lost a job or one of the children needed some financial help, so it might make sense at some point in time to cut back on your savings a little bit,” Cryderman said, “but you have to stay committed to increase that back up once finances are secure again.”

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