Profitt Report: How to make money off your old, dusty electronics

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As technology improves, we replace our smart phones, tablets and laptops. Howeverm, that means the old gadgets tend to sit, unused and forgotten about.

“If it’s sitting around, it's zero value if it's gathering dust,” said Shawn Powell, manager of GameStop in Bangor Township.

Your unused gadgets, hidden in your home, could be money-makers.

“More people are surprised at what they do get rather than the opposite,” he said.

GameStop stores will assess your unused electronics and give you store-credit or cold hard cash.

“We now have a device in our stores where we can plug in your hardware, have it test it for us, identify the device, test to make sure it works, clear all of your data because no one wants to give out their phone and have a bunch of old pictures on it,” Powell said.

Another option: Best Buy stores. They offer gift cards for the value of your trade-in.

“The value is different on everything, you'd have to bring it in or look online,” said Donnell Carr of Best Buy in Flint Twp.

To check out GameStop's trade-in program, please click here. For Best Buy's trade-in program, please click here.

Another option: skip the middleman and sell your gear online. Amazon, eBay and Craigslist are all options. However, be careful of fees associated with those sites and use caution with in-person sales.

If you can’t make any money off your old electronics it’s not a bad idea to find somewhere where you can properly recycle.

“We take it to a recycling facility and they take care of it from there, like some stuff can be broken down and a lot of stuff can be recycled back into the purest state where it's not as harmful to the environment,” Carr said.

The Environmental Protection Agency’s website says recycling one million laptops is the energy equivalent to the electricity used in roughly 3,600 homes in one year.

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