Profitt Report: How to organize your new dorm room

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Moving into your college dorm for the first time is exciting and in that buzz, it’s easy to over pack. You might think you need every little space-saving gadget and gizmo but we checked in with some experienced college students about what you can bring and what you can leave at home.

As a residential adviser at Saginaw Valley State University, senior Devante Marselis sees freshmen bringing too much to school.

“A lot of people, clothes is a big part of peoples’ image, they think the more clothes they have, the better they can look,” he said.

However, when you look at your dorm, you might not have as much space as you did with mom and dad.

“My grandma always told me you can never have too much underwear but I don't think my grandma ever lived in a residence hall,” Marselis said.

In other words, keep it simple. Only bring the necessities, think jeans and tops and consider the furniture: there are different ways to organize the same room.

“Making sure you and your roommate are in agreeance of how things are going to go, are you going to split the room, are you going to share the room?” said Amy Smith, another senior and RA at SVSU.

She said, don’t forget to bring in some photos from home. It’s a nice conversation starter with your new roomie.

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