Profitt Report: Make your next move as inexpensive as possible

Preparing for your move is the best way to save time and money. Photo credit: MGN

Summer tends to be the busiest time of the year to move and while moving to a new home can be exciting, it’s often filled with stress.

“She’s very organized and I’m not so whatever the captain says to do, that's what we do,” said Michael Shanlian of his wife, Susie Shanlian. They are wrapping up their second move within one year.

“This time it's a slower move and it's only about a mile or two away,” she said.

Susie explained, they are being careful to label each box’s contents to match the room it belongs in.

We tagged along with a Two Men and a Truck team during a move in mid-Michigan and they said preparation is key. Moving companies typically charge by the hour so having everything ready for the movers will save time and money.

Another trick: keep your clothing inside your dresser drawers. As long as there’s nothing fragile inside the drawers, they can wrap up the dresser and transport your clothing as is.

Consumers should note, movers require special licensing through the state of Michigan. If you aren’t sure you are hiring a professional mover, it’s a good idea to ask to see their license. To search for Michigan licenses and permits, please click here.

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