Profitt Report: The best way to check on your tax refund

Photo credit: MGN

Once the hard work is over, you might be drumming your fingers, waiting for that tax refund!

Luis Garcia, spokesperson with the IRS office in Detroit says 68 percent of Michiganders are receiving a refund this year.

“There’s a couple myths out there, one is that if you call, you'll get the latest and most up to date of where your refund is in transit,” he said.

Here’s what Garcia suggests: go to the IRS website or download their smart phone app and check out the “where’s my refund” section.

“There’s no need to check more than once a day. The system is only updated once late at night, check it first thing in the morning, it's the same results you're going to get for the next 18 hours,” he said.

Choosing direct deposit instead of a physical check will put that money in your pocket more quickly, Garcia said.

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