Profitt Report: Where to find rock bottom school supplies prices this year

With these tips, you'll never need to pay full price for school supplies. Photo credit: MGN

Many kids will be heading back to the classroom next week and that means a trip to the store to buy pencils, paper and other school supplies they will need for the school year. Families with kids in elementary through high school will spend about $690 according to the National Retail Federation. However, with a few back-to-school hacks, you’ll never need to pay full price.

“They’re all set, the only thing I bought this year were the three subject notebooks,” said Traci Verbowski, a mother of three in Kawkawlin Township.

After about eight years, Verbowski was able to build up a school supplies stock pile. She watched the ads and snagged her kids’ supplies when they’re on sale. She also strategically planed out her trips to the store.

“Maybe three times a week then have my mom go once or twice,” Verbowski said.

Planning a few (or more) trips is the way to go according to the Krazy Coupon Lady website.

“The real strategy is to plan to shop over three weeks and just buy the items that are on sale every week,” said Joanie Demer, co-founder of the Krazy Coupon Lady, “that's really how you're going to take advantage and win the game instead of letting the retailer win.”

We spoke with Demer via Skype for a few tricks and her favorite back-to-school shopping hack is to look for items sold at a loss to the store to bring in more customers.

“That’s the strategy behind the penny deals you see at stores like Office Depot. Staples also has great deals, every week they have a few products they sell for less than cost,” Demer said.

Demer’s website lays out the best prices for various school supplies. For example, they say Staples will offer an eight-count box of pencils for $0.01 and you can find two-pocket folders at CVS for $0.10 each.

“As a rule of thumb for most of your standard school supplies, never ever, ever pay more than a dollar, that's because the dollar store is actually a pretty decent place to get back to school deals,” Demer said.

Last, think about what your kids will need for the entire school year, not just those first few months. Verbowski said it’ll save you money and time when you kids come calling.

“Sometimes they're like ‘oh, I need!’ Nope! Go look in the basement first,” she said.

For more information from the Krazy Coupon Lady, please click here.

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