Profitt Report: Where to save, splurge on your cosmetics

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From skin care to cosmetics, the average American woman applies at least 16 products to her face before leaving the house and those products tally out $8 a day, or nearly $3,000 a year according to a survey by SkinStore.

“I just like the way it can make you look different, if you want to bring one feature forward or bring it back,” said Melanie Baldwin, who loves experimenting with makeup. However, she also needs to watch what she spends.

“I like to spend on like foundation and concealer,” Baldwin said.

That’s exactly what freelance makeup artist Kendra Matthies in Owosso told us when we asked her where we can save money on our makeup budget. She said it’s a good idea to splurge on your skin care routine and foundation.

“If you imagine it that way, having an even canvas, trying to smooth things out as much as you can and imagine that on your face, things on top are going to blend very well and it's going to look better,” Matthies said.

Brushes and makeup applicators are another area where Matthies like to splurge. So where can we save money on our makeup budget?

“If it's something you're going to be going through a lot, there's no reason to buy a $60 mascara because one, they dry out super quick, for sanitation and hygienic reasons you shouldn’t be using them for a year straight, Matthies said.

If you google “makeup dupes,” you’ll find a ton of information online. A dupe means a drug store product that works a lot like an expensive, luxury brand. For example, Kendra likes the L’Oreal Voluminous mascara.

“It’s a really good dupe for Dior Show mascara and it's just amazing, it's waterproof, I use it on all my brides, you couldn't even try to cry it off,” Matthies said.

Matthies also likes to save money on lipstick. She said you’ll be reapplying it often anyway, why spend a ton of money?

“I really like the Maybelline lipsticks, it's actually the one I get the most compliments on ever,” Matthies said.

Eyeshadow is another place you can save according to Matthies, and instead of buying a palette of colors and only using one or two, she suggests an empty palette that you can fill with your own colors.

“I know Mac, everybody thinks their eyeshadows are so expensive just for a single one, but you can buy the pans,” she said.

You can find them online for about $6. Last, keep your eye on upcoming Black Friday deals and check out Ulta and Sephora rewards programs where you can build points and score freebies.

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