Protestors discuss new research on Flint water

Clean water advocates discuss new research coming from Flint water studies.

Virginia Tech researchers who have been testing Flint water had shocking results for clean water advocates today outside of City Hall.

"That water was put into the pipe, it's been eating the pipes up," said professor Marc Edwards of Virginia Tech. "It's been causing rusty water, high lead, consumer complaints."

With their finding showing about 20 percent of Flint homes have lead levels exceeding World Health Organization standards, researchers like Sid Roy are advising those on the city's water supply to take special precautions.

"Lead is a serious problem," Roy said. "People should avoid drinking tap water. If they have to, they should be flushing their tap water for at least five minutes."

NBC 25 viewer Stephanie Fisher sent in a video of the murky water at her home, as she waits to see how the city responds to the latest test results.

"It's usually foggy," Fisher said. "Or has 'floaties' in it. I don't know what the 'floaties' are, but it's gross."

Protesters say city leaders should be responsible for fixing the water problem.

One protester said,"We're asking to be put back on Detroit immediately."

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